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If we ask nicely ... will you PLEASE come have an absolutely rockin' time with us tonight?! šŸ™

We're playing at The Martin Centre in Douglas, GA and could NOT be more thankful for the chance to play some live music for you all! šŸŽø

Hey Mark, now that we got the new @SawyerBrownBand record finished I thought Iā€™d work on some new dance moves for you. Your other ones are getting old. Betty loves these!!!

Some girls don't like boys like us ... awww but some girls do!Ā 

We love performing this song and look forward to performing it again tonight for YOU Oxford, AL! šŸ™

Basically, what we're saying is ... @ChrisStapleton has us to thank. šŸ˜‚

Okay ... maybe not so much! šŸ˜†Ā 

But we do love hearing him sing. Here are our favorite songs by one of the greatest Country singers ever.

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